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pantomime ho ho ho

on tumblr already but whatever jarv is the man

Rock’n’roll awards shows are known for many things: drinking, swearing and stray bass players vomiting over their own shoes to name just three. But until now they haven’t predominantly been known for impromptu games of 80s TV quiz show Catchphrase. That all changed at the NME awards tonight when host Jarvis Cocker decided to open the ceremony with his own DIY version of the game, set up using Photoshop and a laptop. The crowd at Brixton Academy might have been a bit confused but that didn’t stop them playing along, especially as Jarvis gave proceedings a rock’n’roll spin. A picture of Paul McCartney and some bees? That’ll be the Maccabees! An arctic scene and some monkeys? Well, you get the picture.
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